Frequently Asked Questions

Our wipes are made from FSC certified wood pulp and cellulose plant fibers. They are essentially paper, and contain no plastic whatsoever. This makes them 100% biodegradable, and they can biodegrade in as little as 28 days

Absolutely. Our wipes are premium quality and you would be hard pushed to tell the difference between our wipes and a plastic / cloth based wipe. When used in the normal way, they perform extremely well, but only break apart when intentionally pulled apart.

Absolutely not. That’s like saying if a car drives on tarmac, does that mean it can also drive on water!!! In simple terms, items biodegrade when in the right conditions and happens by a biological process involving microorganisms. Flushability on the other hand involves no biodegradation, but involves the material coming apart when immersed / agitated in water.

Our wipes are officially flushable by IDNA and EDANA international flushability standards, however water authorities around the world have challenged these standards and claim that they are inadequate to class materials as truly flushable. It is generally recommended that wipes are not flushed down the loo due to the likely damage they will cause in the drains, sewers and oceans.

As our wipes are very unique, they offer different disposal options compared to normal ‘plastic’ wipes. As they are plastic-free and can biodegrade in 28 days, they can be safely put in the home compost bin or even in the food bin, where they will readily biodegrade. If they are put in a normal rubbish bin, which will eventually end up in landfill or incinerated, they will not be in an environment where they can naturally biodegrade, however, we appreciate that this is sometimes the only available option.

Our wipes packs are made from recyclable PE+PET, but they are not biodegradable at present. The packs must be robust enough to ensure that the wipes retain their moisture for the full 2 year shelf life, and at present we are not aware of any wipes manufacturer who have found a pack solution that is not made from plastic and is biodegradable.

The 0.1% is made up of 3 natural grade / mild preservatives to ensure that the wipes remain uncontaminated whilst in regular use and for the duration of their shelf life, and they also contain Apple Fruit Extract as a skin conditioner.

Absolutely not. The ‘pure’ relates to the chemical formulation and not the material used for the wipe, which in most cases today would be a plastic-based material such as polyester.

The quick easy test is to give it a stretch. If it stretches quite extensively and doesn’t tear that easily, the chances are that it contains some form of plastic. To be 100% sure, you can email or call the wipes manufacturer and ask them to confirm what the wipes material is made of.

When our wipes were developed, we set a very high standard for their purity (99.9% purified water), but we also wanted them to be made from a biodegradable, home compostable, plastic-free and dispersible material. This was a very big ask and we could not find a factory in the UK or Europe who could meet our specification. In the end, and as we pretty much exhausted our options in China too, we came across a specialist factory who worked with us to develop a wipe to meet the specification that we had set.

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